About us

We are a small family business founded by Alex and Veronika Raseborg, designers and manufacturers of TOFFELI felt shoes. 

We have been fascinated by natural wool and traditional felting for  a very long time. This is how we got to design and bring the first felt shoes as a gift to our friends two years ago: beautiful, practical and ecological! We received good feedback and decided to apply for a patent and continue to develop the shoes.

After receiving the patent, we decided to combine the TOFFELI felt shoes with Swarovski crystals and  fur tassels, which is available in both genuine and artificial hair, and we were very pleased with the result. This added a sense of luxury to our shoes and set us apart from the crowd. We also wanted to take a stand on environmental issues from the beginning, so we were looking for the best possible ecological base producer. For the soles we found an Italian manufacturer that creates ecological and high quality soles that are even more durable and safer for slippery weather.

In the following months, we further developed the shape of the shoe so that the heel would stay in place better. In addition, we also shaped the arch of the foot better to support the inside of the shoe. That’s how we ended up with the TOFFELI felt shoes you see today!

We opened the store in 2020 and are constantly developing new models. We are really happy with our TOFFELS and hope you are too!

We are happy to answer any questions you may have at toffeliinfo@gmail.com